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If your driveway or patio has seen better days, why not drop us a message for a free quote to have it professionally cleaned.  With our powerful karcher K7 and petrol pressure washer. You might be surprised at the transition it makes to your home.

When cleaning we always use patio cleaning chemicals before and during the clean. We then gibe the patio, garden wall or drive once last blast off. Before rinsing down all around that may have been effected by the blasting of the blocks or patio. 

After the clean there will usually be some re pointing work to do to the established patio or re sanding the driveway blocks. 

After this is done we could always seal the patio or drive to prolong the gorgeous look of your newly cleaned patio or drive. This will also protect it from oil stains, prevent discolouring of the blocks or slabs and add a seal to help prevent weeds or moss from growing. 
Below are some cleaning projects we have undertaken.

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